Ansarullah Political Bureau: US practises hypocrisy and lies


Member of Ansarallah Political Bureau in Sanaa, Ali Al-Qahoum, stated “America is still practicing misinformation, hypocrisy, and lies. During the war on Yemen, under the supervision of the US, America used to raise banners against Iran and fabricate phobias and false narratives that it repeated during those years.”

“Yemen declared itself as a country, leadership, and people united in supporting Palestine and carrying out strategic and major operations to strike Israel and target its ships in the Red Sea. In response, the US and Britain declared its presence through foreign military bases and military deployment in the Red Sea. The US and UK have declared a direct aggression on Yemen in service and protection of Israel.” Al-Qahoum said.

He clarified that the pretext for the Americans remains the same and has not changed since they first fabricated Iranian involvement in Yemen despite Iran’s absence in the country over the past nine years.

In a post on his “X” account, Al-Qahoum pointed out that the leader of the revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, has expanded the equation in the Red Sea to include Israel, America, and Britain today, confirming that it is a fixed equation until the aggression on Gaza is stopped and the siege is lifted.

Al-Qahuom mentioned that these ships and the American and British military presence in the Red Sea are within the range of the Yemeni Armed Forces’ bank of targets. The Yemeni naval forces translated the directives and decisions of the leader of the revolution after America, Britain, and Israel expanded their aggression on Yemen. In response, Yemen has expanded its military operations.

He stated that Israeli and American-British ships that entered the bank of targets are exposed to direct attacks, and Yemen’s long arm is capable of that. Yemen is engaged in an open war, and its confrontation is ongoing with full alertness, preparations, and mobilization.

Al-Qahuom concluded his post by saying: “America and its allies have two choices and no third option – either choose to stop their aggression in Gaza, Palestine, and Yemen, or bear painful strikes and expand the scope of the confrontation. They initiated the war, and there is no escape from it. An unjust aggressor cannot escape the consequences of his wrong actions.”