Yemeni Foreign Ministry: Various countries have expressed understanding and support for actions against Zionist shipping in Red Sea


An official source in the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a has confirmed that the ministry received positive feedback from brotherly and friendly countries regarding the Yemeni operations targeting Israeli enemy ships or those bound for its ports in occupied Palestine.

The source said in a statement on Saturday that the ministry informed all brotherly and friendly countries that the decision to prevent Israeli navigation in the Red and Arabian Seas is limited to preventing the crossing of Israeli enemy ships or those heading to its ports in occupied Palestine, with the aim of stopping the Zionist criminal aggression against the Gaza Strip, and there is no danger to international navigation.

He confirmed that these countries expressed their understanding of the humanitarian goals of the Yemeni operations in the Red Sea, noting that the United States of America is behind the incitement and push of some shipping companies to change their course with the aim of stopping all forms of pressure on the Zionist enemy to continue its crimes against the oppressed Palestinian people.