Yemeni military commander: US threats do not frighten us


The commander of the Al-Wahbi Brigades, Major General Bakil Saleh Al-Wahbi, confirmed that the American designation under the so-called “terrorism list” exposed the true face of the US administration in serving the Zionist entity and its partnership in killing women and children in Gaza.

The Al-Wahbi Brigades commander explained that “American decisions, along with the unjust Security Council resolutions and all lists and extortion decisions, are [dirt] under our feet, as expressed by all the sons of Yemen.”

He emphasised that “the revolutionary and political leadership, along with the Yemeni armed forces and the Yemeni people, will not be deterred by such decisions from continuing support for the brothers in Gaza, no matter the sacrifices.”

They will also continue to target Israeli ships and those cooperating with them, as well as targeting the warships and American ships that have attacked our country and naval forces, he added.

The Al-Wahbi Brigades commander said, “The Americans should know that our stance towards our brothers in Palestine is firm, and our stance towards America as an entrenched and rooted enemy for the past 22 years since the martyr leader Sayyid Hussein al-Houthi launched the cry against the arrogant ones on January 17, 2002.”

He added, “Our only fear is that God will designate us as hypocrites if we do not support our brothers in Gaza. However, America’s decision, the official sponsor of terrorism in the world, will not frighten us. The issuance of such lists reveals the extent of fear and terror they have of Yemen’s courageous and strong position in supporting the Palestinian people.”

Al-Wahbi reiterated that our stance as a people and armed forces in supporting brothers in Gaza is a religious, ethical, and humanitarian stance that aligns with all international laws, divine norms, and cannot be changed.