Insan Organization releases report titled “Knowledge Behind the Bars in Secret Prisons”


Insan Organization for Rights and Freedoms has a report titled “Knowledge Behind Bars of Secret Prisons – Yemen” in conjunction with the International Day of Education on January 24.

The report highlighted violations and challenges faced by students, teachers, and academics in Yemen due to the closure of Sana’a airport. The report based on testimonies from victims and their families who are still detained, along with documents and images of civilian detainees who died in prisons due to mistreatment.

The report addressed the impact of the closure of Sanaa airport on movement of Yemeni students, teachers, and academics, as it is the main and only air gateway serving the high population density in Yemen.

It also noted that many individuals forced to travel by land through Aden or Ma’rib faced violations based on their affiliation or political background, impacting the educational process and freedom of movement.

The Organization documented around 176 crimes against teachers, students, and academics, conducting 67 interviews with victims of abductions and arrests, in addition to 17 interviews with families of detainees and abductees in prisons in Ma’rib and Aden.

The report included testimonies about the violations committed by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s forces in Aden and the Saudi-backed Islah Party forces in Ma’rib.

The organization called on authorities and relevant organizations to cooperate in protecting Yemeni students, teachers, and academics, ensuring their safety, and releasing all civilian detainees.