Two injured by US-Saudi mercenaries’ fire in Taiz


Two citizens were injured on Saturday by the gunfire of US-Saudi aggression mercenaries in the districts of Khadir and Al-Masrakh in Taiz.

A security source confirmed the injury of a child by the aggression mercenaries’ sniper in the Al-Areesh area in the Khadir district, and the injury of a citizen by the aggression mercenaries’ sniper bullets in the village of Al-Mihal in the Abdan area in the Al-Masrakh district.

The source explained that these crimes add to a series of heinous crimes committed by the aggression mercenaries in Taiz, who deliberately target civilian-populated areas.

Taiz and other occupied provinces suffer from a state of security chaos and have become a scene of murders, kidnappings, and torture of civilians. Violations and crimes are exacerbated in the areas under the control of the US-Saudi aggression and mercenaries, with the complicity of the security authorities there, which have reached the point of deliberately targeting civilians with killing and threats.