Yemen’s senior commander warns US of militarizing Red Sea


Commander of Al-Wahbi Brigades in the Yemeni armed forces, Maj. Gen. Bakil Saleh Al-Wahbi, warned on Saturday of the consequences of American efforts to bring European countries to militarize the Red Sea.

Al-Wahbi confirmed that the US Secretary of Defense’s statement, Lloyd Austin that Yemen attacked commercial ships belonging to fifty parties unrelated to the Israeli entity indicates that the so-called Austin is far from reality and events in the region.

In a statement, the commander Al-Wahbi pointed out that maritime traffic in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, and the Arabian Sea is proceeding normally, noting that the Yemeni forces only target Israeli, American, and British ships, or ships linked with Israel entity.

He stressed that the American and British enemy is trying to bring the world to militarize the Red Sea, in an attempt to mislead its failure to protect Israeli ships.

Stopping the aggression against our brothers in Gaza, lifting the siege, and leaving the US forces Yemeni territorial waters, is the only solution to restore security in the Red Sea, Al-Wahbi explained.