Hamas appreciates Yemen’s firm position in support of Palestinian people


The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” renewed on Sunday its appreciation for the genuine Yemeni position in support of the oppressed Palestinian people, who are being subjected to genocide at the hands of Zionist war criminals.

In a statement on Sunday, Hamas condemned the US-British bombing of the Republic of Yemen, considering the attack “a blatant aggression on the sovereignty of a brotherly Arab country and an escalation that will drag the region into more turmoil and instability.”

The movement held the American administration and the Zionist occupation fully responsible for the repercussions of this aggression and its effects in the region.

In its statement, Hamas called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to take a decisive stance against the American aggression that violates the sovereignty of Arab countries and to take practical measures to stop the Zionist aggression against Gaza that has been ongoing for more than 120 days.