Minister of Information: US renewed aggression on Yemen threatens regional stability and global peace


Minister of Information, Dhaifallah Al-Shami, affirmed that the United States, with its renewed aggression on Yemen, aims to expand the conflict in the region, threatening international peace and security with its aggressive operations.

“All of this is to ensure the continuation of Israeli crimes in Gaza. America could have compelled Israel to stop its war and lift the siege on Gaza instead of getting involved in expanding the conflict in the region, which will have catastrophic effects on both the military and economic levels for the Americans,” Minister Al-Shami stated in a social media post.

He added that through these hostile and criminal actions against the people of the region and the world, the US proves beyond a doubt that it is a colonial, arrogant, and terrorist regime destined to fall, especially since these moves come to support the Zionist occupation, which lost the war in Gaza.

“The US revenge and aggression against resistance in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria is an attempt to recover from the significant humiliation faced by the occupation state and to regain American deterrence in the region due to the unjust war on Gaza,” he stated.