Sana’a University academic members organize march in solidarity with Palestine


Leaders and members of Sana’a University organized on Wednesday a massive march in solidarity with the Palestinian people under the slogan “We will continue until victory, and you are not alone.”

The participants denounced the genocidal massacres against the children of Gaza and expressed their support for the operations of the Yemeni armed forces against the Zionist and American entities.

The marchers chanted slogans of freedom and disavowing of the nation’s enemies, America and Israel, and the declaration of general mobilization and readiness to fight the battle of the promised conquest and holy jihad against the US-British aggression.

Participants raised the flags of the State of Palestine, chanting slogans denouncing the Zionist-American aggression against Gaza, announcing the absolute authority of the Leader of the Revolution to make all decisions and strategic deterrence options against the Zionist and American entities, and in support of Palestine.

The statement issued by the march confirmed that members of Sana’a University are continuing alongside the Yemeni people in marches and demonstrations in support of Palestine tirelessly and as part of jihad for the sake of Allah and supporting the oppressed.

The participants condemned the despicable American position of targeting UNRWA and suspending humanitarian aid on baseless charges.

The members of Sana’a University also called on all Arab and Islamic universities and free universities in the world to take an effective stance and go out with demonstrations and marches to demand an end to the massacres against the Palestinian people.