Yemen condemns US double standards after Washington designates Ansarullah as “terrorist organisation”


The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned on Saturday the United States’ policy of double standards, designating Ansarullah on the American terrorism list

“This US action is an illegal measure that deprives it of much credibility among most countries of the world,” the ministry said in a statement obtained Yemen News Agency Saba.

“Washington is the one who practices terrorism against many countries, the latest of which is supporting terrorism practiced by the Zionist entity against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, which has claimed the lives of more than 28,000 martyrs and 68,000 injured,” the statement said.

It pointed out that the Zionist entity enjoys unlimited political, military, material and logistical support from US and its allies.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the continuation of Sanaa’s steadfast moral and humanitarian position in imposing a naval blockade on the Zionist entity, targeting Israeli ships or ships heading to the occupied Palestinian ports, in addition to targeting the US and UK ships, until the aggression against the Gaza Strip is ended and humanitarian aid, food, medicine, and fuel enter the Strip.