Yemen’s Red Sea escalation determined by extent of brutal Israeli aggression against Palestinians


February 19 marked a significant turning point in the trajectory of the Yemeni front supporting Gaza, in the context of the equation of escalation in response to aggression.

Operations targeting a British ship, two American ships, and the downing of an advanced American drone demonstrate a new level of Yemeni military activity, mirroring the level of escalation by the Zionist enemy in Gaza.

It solidifies an important stance that dictates the continuation of the Palestinian genocide, with its ongoing aggression against Yemen, cannot pass without a powerful and effective response, including historic strikes against the pillars of the Western Zionist hegemony in the region.

The strikes on Monday, with their diverse and notable operations, once again prove to the enemies that Yemen’s engagement in the “Promised Victory and Holy Jihad” battle is not solely for the sake of fulfilling duty but also to exert the desired impact on the enemy to halt the aggression and siege on the Gaza Strip.

The American-British aggression on Yemen aimed primarily to provide the Zionist entity with an opportunity to continue the Palestinian genocide. The Yemeni response escalates to achieve deterrence against Washington, London, and Tel Aviv collectively.

In this context, it is noteworthy that the impact of Monday’s operations on the Zionist enemy is not an indirect one. These operations first confirm the reality of closing the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea to any ships or supplies reaching the Israeli enemy.

Moreover, the escalation of Yemeni responses directly affects the American and British losses, shaking their geopolitical influence and dominance in the region. This impact directly influences the Zionist enemy’s position, striking at the core it relies on for its existence and the continuation of its criminal war.

This core is the American and British support, which, if halted, the Israeli occupation cannot withstand for weeks.

This impact forms the fundamental framework for understanding the Yemeni position in the Red Sea, Bab el Mandeb, and the Gulf of Aden. Just as the American-British aggression on Yemen was not separate from the Zionist genocide in Gaza, the Yemeni leadership is keen to make the response to this aggression commensurate with the level needed to stop that genocide.

The focus of the escalation is on the vulnerable points that Americans and the British cannot tolerate for long, raising the targeting of American and British ships to the point of sinking one. This places Americans and the British face to face with the reality that what they face in the Red Sea is not containable and bearable, especially after their military movement proved to be a failure, something they heavily relied on to diminish the scale of Yemeni operations.

The Yemeni escalation witnessed this week on the maritime front delivers a clear and main message: the scope of Yemeni operations is determined by the level of brutality faced by the Palestinian people. It is not determined by political considerations or fake red lines, which the Zionist enemy and its sponsors have completely obliterated in Gaza.

Therefore, the United States and Britain standing before the largest naval confrontation since World War II, and facing weapons unprecedented in history, reflects the reality that the Yemeni front is not merely a front of duty but one of synchronization and influence. Just as the unprecedented genocide against the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip continues, Americans and the British should not be reassured about their calculations regarding the ceiling of Yemeni operations aimed at stopping that genocide.

The immediate effects of this Yemeni deterrence will exert tremendous pressure on the American and British governments. Sinking ships will have rapid and substantial effects on American and British trade movements through the Red Sea and Bab el Mandeb.

This is in addition to the long-term impact on the power and influence of Washington in the region. Americans will realize that it is too late to rectify, and if they decide to continue their commitment to supporting and protecting the Zionist entity while ignoring these impacts, they will further weaken their already fragile position, upon which the Zionist entity relies. The ultimate outcome will be the defeat of both the US and Israel, with no prospect – in this reality – for their victory.