Abdulsalam calls for increased support of Gaza during Ramadan


Spokesperson for Ansarullah – Head of the National Negotiating Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, affirmed Yemen’s steadfast and unwavering support for Gaza and the Palestinian people, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian militant factions and called for making the month of Ramadan a month of mobilization to support Gaza.

“After 150 days, and with the beginning of the sixth month, Gaza has endured what insurmountable mountains cannot. Every drop of Palestinian blood represents a stain of disgrace on America for its continuous support of the “Israeli” criminal entity,” Mohammed Abdulsalam said in a post on his X account on Tuesday.

بعد مائة وخمسين يوما ومع بداية الشهر السادس تكون غزة قد تحملت ما لا تتحمله الجبال الرواسي، وكل قطرة دم فلسطيني تمثل وصمة عار على أمريكا لدعمها المتواصل لكيان الإجرام الإسرائيلي.
إنه وعلى مسافة أسبوع من حلول شهر رمضان المبارك نهيب بهذه الأمة شعوبا وأنظمة أن تدرك مسؤوليتها تجاه…

— محمد عبدالسلام (@abdusalamsalah) March 5, 2024

He added, “As we are a week away from the blessed month of Ramadan, we urge this nation, both its people and regimes, to realize their responsibility towards Gaza, and to understand that supporting it through all means of steadfastness and pressuring the enemy to stop its brutal crimes is more significant in the eyes of Allah than all other prayers and fasting.”

In Yemen, we renew our steadfast stance alongside Gaza and commend the calls of the Palestinian fighting factions that Ramadan be a month of rallying support and backing for Gaza, he stressed.

“It is shameful for this nation to fill itself with various delicacies while Gaza has been writhing in hunger and thirst for five months.”

He concluded his post by saying; “We raise our voice high along with all the free people of the world and say: Stop your aggression, O Zionists, and lift your siege on Gaza. Enough with your madness, and do not be deceived by the support of America and other countries. The steadfastness of Gazans all this time has proven that the Palestinian people, by the grace of Allah Almighty, are indomitable and will not abandon their cause, no matter how great the sacrifices.”