Yemeni Minister of Defense warns Americans and Brits of larger naval operations


The Yemeni Minister of Defense, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi, warned the Americans and the British of more painful operations that may exceed recent expectations in naval confrontations.

“The upcoming phase is open to wide developments, and the Armed Forces have many cards they have not yet played,” Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Al-Atifi during his meeting on Tuesday with the brigades and military units in the Fifth Military Region in Hodeida province

He added,” We renew our warnings to the Americans and the British that what is to come will be more painful and surpass all expectations in naval confrontations.

Al-Atifi continued: “The trio of evil and crime—America, Britain, and “Israel”—and those in their orbit, must understand well the speech of the leader commander Abdulmalik Badr El-Din Al-Houthi.”

The American-British aggression on Yemen was in response to Yemen’s stance and its Armed Forces’ support and backing of the Palestinian people and their brave resistance in Gaza, he explained.

He affirmed that “the blatant and repeated attacks by the American and British will not affect the Armed Forces nor the morale of our Yemeni people.”

[To Washington and London:] If you see yourselves concerned with protecting zionist arrogance, then it is incumbent upon us to support and stand with the Palestinian people, he said

The Minister of Defense said: “We will always be on the lookout for every Zionist, American or British ship that seeks to violate the ban that we imposed on the movement of those ships in the Red and Arabian Seas.”

Maj. Gen. Al-Atifi called on the countries that blindly follow the lead of the Americans and the British not to commit any foolishness by entering into suspicious alliances against Yemen.