Abdulsalam: US and UK bear consequences of their military actions in Red Sea


Spokesperson for Ansarullah – Head of the National Negotiating Delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, held the United States and UK responsible for consequences of their military actions in the Red Sea.

“We have repeatedly affirmed that only Israeli ships or those heading to the ports of occupied Palestine are targeted to pressure the enemy entity to cease its aggression and siege on Gaza,” Abdulsalam said in a post on his X account on Thursday.

He added that the US should have responded to the calls of the world’s people and compelled Israel to halt its aggression, but it chose the path of escalation and widening the conflict contrary to its claims.

Abdulsalam emphasized that Yemeni forces “only target a ship after warning it not to cross; some comply, some retreat, and some refuse, leading to targeting.”

He stressed that the world should not fall into America’s deception and forget the genocidal crimes committed by Israel against the people of Gaza with full American support.