Al-Houthi: US claims of humanitarian support are mere “dust in the eyes of the world”


Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council, described the Pentagon’s announcement of building a seaport in Gaza as “throwing dust in the eyes of the world.”

He confirmed that it is an attempt to showcase a humanitarian facade that the Americans have trampled on since the first day of the Gaza blockade.

إعلان البنتاغون أن بناء ميناء غزة يحتاج إلى ألف جندي يحتاج إلى تفسير لمهامهم
هل سيكونون هم البناؤون
أم حماية للعمال؟
وإذا كان من أجل الاحتمال الأول فلماذا لا يكون العمال مدنيين؟

ثم نقول للأمريكي
معبر رفح لا يحتاج إلى بناء، والمساعدات تتكدس أمامه، والمطلوب توجيه بإدخالها فقط.…

— محمد علي الحوثي (@Moh_Alhouthi) March 8, 2024

Al-Houthi explained in a post on the “X” that the Rafah crossing does not need new construction, and aid is piling up in front of it. All that is required is a directive to allow the entry of those aids, emphasizing that the residents of Gaza only need the removal of obstacles that prevent aid from reaching them.

He also considered that the talk about building a seaport for Gaza is nothing more than an attempt by the United States to feign humanity. However, he deemed it lacking credibility due to its policies supporting the Israeli enemy and its ongoing crimes against the residents of Gaza.