Abdulsalam: No amount of aggression will deter Yemen


Mohammed Abdulsalam, the official spokesperson for Ansarullah and head of the National Delegation, has affirmed that the aggressive airstrikes carried out by the United States on the capital, Sana’a, are part of the ongoing aggression led by the US and Britain against Yemen.

Abdulsalam stated on his X account that these airstrikes aim to protect the enemy entity and embolden it to continue its atrocities in Gaza.

He emphasized that no amount of aggression will deter the Yemeni people and their Armed Forces from targeting enemy ships or those heading to occupied ports.

Abdulsalam reiterated that Yemen’s Armed Forces will persist in their operations until the aggression ceases and the siege on Gaza is lifted. He emphasized Yemen’s right to self-defense and its determination to respond to any threats.

He stressed that the Yemeni people will not submit to the aggression and will not give up their right to defend themselves and their land.