Revolution leader: Yemen stands with all its capabilities to support Palestinian people & sanctities of the nation


The Leader of the Revolution, Sayyed. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, stressed that Yemen stands with all its capabilities, officially and popularly, to support the oppressed Palestinian people and the sanctities of the nation, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Leader of the Revolution explained in his speech today at the “Al-Quds pulpit” event that the comprehensive position of the people of Yemen, which included military operations in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, up to the Indian Ocean, has been manifested to the whole world, in addition to the bombardment with ballistic and winged missiles to southern occupied Palestine to target targets belonging to the Israeli enemy.

He pointed to the integration of Yemen’s influential active position with the fronts of jihad and resistance in Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq, within the framework of the axis of resistance.

He said that “since the beginning of the battle of “Al-Aqsa flood”, the Yemeni armed forces have tended to support Palestine with all they can, and we constantly seek to develop our missile and naval capabilities in order to contribute more to supporting and supporting the Palestinian people and targeting the criminal and usurping Israeli enemy.”

The Leader of the Revolution greeted all the attendees in the capitals of the axis of jihad and resistance who are meeting in the activities of Al-Quds pulpit.

“The effectiveness of the Yemeni position from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean and to southern occupied Palestine has become clear to the world,” he said.

“Since the battle of the Al-Aqsa flood began, we have tended to support it with everything we can and constantly strive to develop our potential,” he said. He pointed out that the Palestinian people have been suffering from injustice, oppression and confiscation of their right and land since the British occupation.

Sayyed. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi pointed out that international institutions and organizations did not move to stop the injustice against the Palestinian people, but rather contributed to the continuation of the occupation. He stressed that no efforts based on bartering and neglecting the Palestinian right under the title of peace negotiations and the two-state option have not and will not succeed.

He explained that the only successful option is jihad for the sake of God, which is the option on the basis of which the resistance movements in Palestine and with them the free people of the nation moved, and this option proved its feasibility in Lebanon and in three rounds in Gaza.

The leader of the revolution stated that during the six months of genocide in Gaza, the enemy was unable to end the resistance or recover the prisoners, nor was it able to achieve any image of victory, but a gruesome form of criminality.

He explained that this option is the one that proved its feasibility previously in Lebanon by defeating the Israeli enemy and defeating it in 2000 and its defeat, defeat and defeat in 2006, as well as its defeat in three rounds in Gaza, and its shameful and flagrant failure in its current aggression, in which it commits genocide crimes in Gaza for six months.

The Leader of the Revolution saluted the mujahideen who, with their steadfastness, steadfastness and courage, presented a legend unparalleled in human history.

He denounced the great failure of Muslims to stand with the Palestinian people, who are part of them, and towards their holy sites in Palestine. He stated that there is complicity by some countries with the path of liquidating the Palestinian cause under the title of normalization and the title of the failed deal of the century.

The Leader of the Revolution denounced the support of Western countries and governments, leading to the American role, which has become an actual partner with the Israeli enemy and a full partner in its crimes and aggression against the Palestinian people.

He considered that it is the legitimate, humanitarian and moral duty of the nation, in its interest and in the interest of its national security, to move diligently and diligently to support the Palestinian people and their mujahideen by all means, and also to realize that the Israeli enemy is the enemy of all.

The Palestinian people were fighting the battle of the entire nation, otherwise the Israeli enemy would have been able to inflict great damage on the rest of the Arab States, foremost among them the neighbouring States of Palestine, which had previously been targeted by the Israeli enemy with its aggression.

Sayyed. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi also saluted and appreciated the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and their patient marabouts at Al-Aqsa Al-Sharif, and to the free people of the West Bank who resisted the mujahideen.

He said, “The Palestinian cause is the first issue of the Yemeni people, and that the people of Yemen will spare no effort in supporting it, and that he carried the banner of jihad as he fought the battle of the promised conquest and holy jihad and confronted the American and British aggression, and targets the Israeli enemy, and prevents him from crossing and navigating in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, all the way to the Indian Ocean.”

He added, “Our position in support of the Palestinian people is an integral part of our faith and our religious, humanitarian and moral duty, and it is an uncompromising and irreversible position, and we will continue in integration with our brothers in the axis of resistance to work to develop the situation, enhance cooperation and improve performance and action until the promised victory is achieved, God willing.”

The leader called on the Arab and Islamic nation to move diligently and diligently to support the Palestinian people and their mujahideen.