More than a million people loses their homes in Gaza


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) announced that after 200 days of war on Gaza, massive damage was caused to the vital infrastructure in the Strip, more than a million people lost their homes, and 75% of the population was displaced.

In this context, the head of the information office in Gaza, Salama Marouf, warned that Gaza City is facing an environmental catastrophe as a result of the complete cessation of water wells two weeks ago.

Marouf said, in a statement, that Gaza City is facing “a new environmental disaster that threatens the population because all of its water wells stopped two weeks ago,” stressing that all of Gaza is now living in a state of extreme thirst due to the water outage, especially with the continued cessation of water pumping from the “water line”, “Microt” ,since the beginning of the aggression.

Salama added that the disaster resulted from the depletion of the “scarce” amounts of fuel that were available to the Gaza municipality during the recent period.

The aggression completely destroyed the desalination plant (the only one in the city), more than 40 water wells and 120,000 linear meters of water networks in the city.

Also, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture said that 32 institutions, centers and theaters in the Gaza Strip were partially or completely damaged due to the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinians since October 2023.

The Ministry added in a statement on the occasion of “World Day of Heritage ,” that the damage to cultural institutions in Gaza also included “the destruction of 12 museums, and the vandalization of approximately 2,100 old dresses and pieces of embroidery from the holdings in museums or within personal collections as a result of the Israeli bombing that has been continuing for more than 6 months.”