Selling of smuggled Yemeni antiquities in “Israel” failed


Yemeni antiquities expert Abdullah Mohsen revealed the failure of selling smuggled Yemeni antiquities at a public auction in “Israel.”

Mohsen said on his Facebook page, “Two days ago, at five o’clock in the afternoon, Sanaa time, with the participation of more than a hundred bidders, the archaeological center’s auction, organized by the Israeli archaeologist Dr. Robert Deutsch, opened on the international auction platform Bidsprit.”

He added, “The auction failed to sell four Yemeni bronze antiques out of seven antiques. It also failed to sell a bronze statue of a young man, more than half a meter (61 cm) high, dating back to the period from the fourth century to the second century BC.”

It is worth noting the reluctance of bidders to participate at all in the auction of the four antiques for unknown reasons, especially since the most important buyers for this type of antique are Arabs.