Yemeni commander says American movements are being monitored, imminent escalation expected


The commander of the Al-Wahbi Brigades of the Sana’a forces, Major General Bakil Saleh al-Wahbi, said that the US’ suspicious movements in the region have been the focus of attention for the Yemeni security and military forces, and despite attempts by the American enemy to disguise or change the denominations and terms, they are closely monitored.

Brigadier al-Wahbi explained that the American enemy is working secretly to carry out an imminent military escalation in Yemen through its mercenaries, tools, and forces.

He indicated that their secret meetings and movements in Hadramout, Al-Mahra, and on some Yemeni islands or in Saudi Arabia are exposed, as their objectives and aims are clear.

Al-Wahbi stressed that the American enemy has failed at sea and seeks to transfer the battle to the ground in hopes of achieving any victory and thwarting any international efforts to facilitate peace negotiations in Yemen, as a means of pressure to halt our support for our brothers in Gaza.

He warned the American enemy of severe defeats and painful strikes in the event of escalation on the battlefronts, confirming that the Yemeni armed forces, along with their various units and formations, are at a high combat readiness, and the Yemeni people are eager to directly confront the American enemy.

Al-Wahbi commented on the statements of the US Navy regarding the withdrawal of the aircraft carrier “USS Dwight D. Eisenhower” and the destroyer “USS Gravely” from the Red Sea to the eastern Mediterranean saying: “The withdrawal of the aircraft carrier and destroyer from the Red Sea are nothing but a blatant military dodge.”