Death toll in health sector in Gaza rises to 496 dead


The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the murder of Dr. Adnan Al-Barsh in Israeli occupation prisons raised the death toll in the health sector in Gaza since October 7 to 496 dead.

The ministry added in a press statement on Thursday that the number of wounded in the health sector reached 1,500, while the number of prisoners rose to 309.

In its statement, the ministry indicated that the killing of Al-Barsh will not be the last crime in light of the complete secrecy of the condition of prisoners in prisons, especially those arrested from the Gaza Strip.

The ministry called on the international community and health and human rights organizations to intervene and protect prisoners in prisons from torture, terrorism, and murder.

Earlier, the health ministry in the Gaza Strip announced that the death toll from the Israeli aggression had risen to 34,596 dead, in addition to 77,816 injuries since October 7