Millions Across Yemen Rally In Support Of Palestine


On Friday, the capital city of Sana’a hosted a significant demonstration titled “With Gaza: Holy Jihad Knows No Red Lines,” in a show of unity with the escalating conflict in Gaza and the plight of the Palestinian people.
Participants called for increased military action by Yemen’s forces against the Zionist and American adversaries in the “Promised Victory Battle and Holy Jihad” current war until they end their genocidal acts against Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied territories.

The demonstrators, voicing their support for the Palestinian cause and resistance, decried the continuous severe actions by the so-called Zionist-American alliance, which have been ongoing for eight months, resulting in a tragedy of unprecedented scale.

The rally coincided with the 76th anniversary of Nakba, and the attendees criticized the perceived indifference of Arab and Islamic nations towards the Palestinian struggle and the hardships faced by Palestinians due to the ongoing conflict.

The gathering underscored Yemen’s spiritual, humanitarian, and ethical duty to the oppressed Palestinian people.

In a massive display of solidarity, Yemenis across various regions marched under the slogan “With Gaza: Holy Jihad Knows No Red Lines.”

Yemeni university students, represented by Mohammed al-Mutawakil, issued a statement in English expressing support for American and European students allegedly facing legal and physical repercussions for their criticism of Israeli actions in Gaza.

The involvement of Yemeni students in the rally yesterday, Friday, aimed to convey a message of solidarity to their peers in American and Western universities, encouraging them to maintain their opposition to the Zionist aggression and the resulting suffering of the Palestinian people.

The students asserted that the situation in Gaza is merely the beginning, warning of a wider massacre if what they describe as extremist Zionist ideology is not curbed. They pointed out that in the view of international Zionism, all are considered adversaries, regardless of religious affiliation.

They denounced the ongoing violence and alleged genocide by the Zionist state against Gaza’s children, women, and elderly, accusing American and Western nations of complicity, alongside international organizations and the United Nations, which they believe are failing humanity.

The students’ statement criticized the silence of Arab and Islamic academic institutions in the face of the conflict and called for global action, particularly from Arab students, to support the Palestinian cause and strive for the liberation of lands and holy sites from Zionist control.

A declaration from the mass march praised the resilience of the Palestinian people and their fighters, asserting their role in disrupting Israeli plans.

The statement reaffirmed Yemen’s solidarity with Palestine, especially Gaza and Rafah, assuring them of support from Yemen and many others around the world.

The statement concluded with a warning to those opposing Palestine that Yemen will respond to any escalation with their own, potentially stifling the Israeli side.

Addressing American and British officials near the Israeli embassy in Manama, the statement lamented the extensive number of massacres by the Israeli aggressors, questioning the lack of international response.

The statement also commended the US administration and Congress for not allowing students to protest and practice their First Amendment at American and Western universities. In addition, it condemned the repression of demonstrators, which exposes the hypocrisy of American and Western claims to human rights.

The march organizers called for continued protests in support of the Palestinian people and urged Arab and Islamic nations to voice their opposition to the conflict and implement economic sanctions against those they view as enemies.

The statement expressed admiration for the revolutionary leader’s stance, which has inspired Yemenis, and pledged readiness to follow any directives for combat.

It lauded the efforts of Palestinian fighters and their allies in Lebanon and Iraq, as well as the Yemeni Armed Forces, affirming Yemen’s ongoing commitment to the cause, promising continued activism and support until their objectives are achieved.