Yemen Military Targets Again US Military Ships, Including Eisenhower


Yemen’s Armed Forces have executed six operations, with the participation of the Navy, Rocketry, and Air Forces, in retaliation for the United States’ deadly aggression against Yemen and the Israeli regime’s genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.

The Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e announced on Saturday that the first operation targeted an American aircraft carrier, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, stating it was hit in the Red Sea with several ballistic missiles and drones.

This follows an earlier announcement on Friday that the same vessel had been targeted with both winged and ballistic missiles.

Another operation, Sare’e added, struck an American destroyer in the Red Sea using ballistic missiles and drones.

Sare’e also announced four additional strikes against commercial ships that had violated Sana’a’s ban on Israeli vessels or those bound for the ports of the occupied Palestinian territories. One of the targeted ships, identified as Maina, was hit in two operations in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea.

Two other vessels, Aloraiq and Abliani, were struck in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, respectively.

“All six operations hit their targets accurately and directly,” Sare’e added.

He vowed that the Armed Forces would continue their pro-Palestinian strikes as long as the Israeli regime sustained its war and the siege against Gaza.