The Armed Forces Target The Two Ships (Ebella) (AAL GENOA) In red sea


The Yemeni Armed Forces announced today, Friday, the targeting of the two ships (Ebella) (AAL GENOA) in the Red Sea for violating the decision banning entry into occupied Palestine.

The Armed Forces confirmed that, within the framework of the victory over the oppression of the Palestinian people and the response to the crimes of the Zionist enemy against the displaced in Rafah area, in Gaza Strip, and within the framework of expanding military operations in the fourth phase of escalation and response to the American-British aggression against our country.

The Navy, the Air Force, and the missile force of the Yemeni Armed Forces carried out two joint operations in the Red Sea against two ships belonging to companies that violated the decision to ban entry to the ports of occupied Palestine, namely the ship (Elbella) and the ship (AAL GENOA).

The Armed Forces explained that the targeting was carried out with a number of drones and ballistic and sea missiles, and the hit was accurate, thanks to God

The Armed Forces reaffirmed their continued implementation of their military operations in support of and victory for the oppressed Palestinian people until the aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted.

Yesterday, June 6, the armed forces announced the implementation of two joint military operations with the Iraqi Islamic Resistance. The first targeted two ships that were carrying military equipment in the port of Haifa. The second targeted a ship that violated the decision to ban entry to the port of Haifa in occupied Palestine, explaining that the two operations were carried out by a number of drones.

On June 5, the Yemeni armed forces announced that they were able to target three ships, the first was the “Roza” ship and the other was the “Vantage Dream” ship, belonging to companies that violated the decision to ban entry to the ports of occupied Palestine.

They were targeted in the Red Sea, and the American ship “Maersk Seletar” was also targeted “with a number of drones east of the Arabian Sea.

On June 3, the missile forces revealed a new ballistic missile called “Palestine.” The missile targeted a military target of the Zionist enemy in “Umm al-Rashrash” area in occupied Palestine.

On June 1, the armed forces were able to target the US aircraft carrier Eisenhower in the northern Red Sea with a number of missiles and drones, which was the second targeting of the carrier within 24 hours.

An American destroyer was targeted in the Red Sea, and the ship (MAINA) was targeted with two operations in the Red Sea as well as in the Arabian Sea. The ship (ALORAIQ) was also targeted in the Indian Ocean, and the ship (ABLIANI) in the Red Sea.