Human Rights Ministry calls for international action to stop war of extermination, starvation in Gaza


Yemen’s Ministry of Human Rights has called for effective international action to stop the systematic American-Zionist war of extermination and starvation against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

In its statement, the ministry demanded urgent international action to ensure the complete facilitation of humanitarian operations in the Gaza Strip and the immediate removal of obstacles and restrictions on humanitarian supplies through crossings and land routes.

The ministry urged Arab and Islamic peoples, and freedom-loving people worldwide, to intensify their efforts at all levels and pressure the American administration and the Zionist occupation to stop the aggression and rise up for humanity and the Palestinian people who are facing genocide.

The statement also called on the international community and the United Nations to assume their responsibilities and international legal obligations to stop the crime of extermination and starvation, take urgent action to protect civilians, and hold the leaders of the terrorist occupation accountable for their crimes.

“In a continuous daily scene that does not stop for even an hour, the Zionist enemy, with American support, targets civilians and commits the most heinous massacres against them, doubling the number of martyrs and wounded, which has exceeded 130,000 since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza,” the statement said.

It noted that the mass killings by aircraft and internationally banned weapons are accompanied by a continuous effort to exterminate nearly one and a half million civilians in Gaza through a policy of starvation implemented by the American-Zionist enemy against women, children, and civilians.

The Ministry of Human Rights denounced the total destruction of agricultural lands, poultry and livestock farms, the prevention of UNRWA from delivering aid, and the targeting of aid security personnel, which confirms that the Zionist entity and the American administration continue to completely exterminate the people of Gaza and destroy all means of life in the Strip.

The ministry condemned the disregard of the Zionist entity and America for international demands to stop the aggression in blatant defiance of international laws, norms, and human values, despite repeated calls from international organizations and escalating warnings of genocide due to food insecurity in Gaza.

The statement added, “Despite the fact that everything the Zionist entity does with American support in Gaza meets the definition of ‘genocide’ by all international legal standards, many Western regimes still portray these actions as ‘self-defense,’ and the official Arab stance remains disgraceful and humiliating.”

The Ministry of Human Rights asserted that the floating dock off the coast of Gaza is nothing but a joint American-Zionist security and military base and a launchpad for war crimes against civilians in Gaza. The American administration’s attempt to improve its ugly image and continue selling illusions to the world about the purpose of this dock has been exposed.

The ministry stated that this fierce war could not continue or happen without American support, approval, participation, and the weak international stance, Western collusion, and Arab betrayal at all levels. It confirmed that all the criminal Zionist-American policies will not succeed in subjugating the Palestinian people but will only increase their determination to defeat the occupation and punish it for its crimes and Nazism.