Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns Israeli approval of new settlement outposts


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sana’a condemned the Zionist enemy government’s approval of the decision to transform five settlement outposts in the occupied West Bank into permanent settlements and to advance plans to build six thousand new units throughout the West Bank, known as the “Smotrich Plan.”

The Ministry explained in a statement that this Zionist measure comes within the framework of the enemy’s attempts to change the legal, historical, and demographic status of the occupied Palestinian territories.

The statement stressed that the Zionist enemy’s measures, despite their violation of relevant Security Council resolutions and the provisions of international law, confirm the enemy entity’s dependence on unlimited political, military, financial, and logistical support from the US, a permanent member of the Security Council capable of aborting any international move to stop or condemn the Zionist enemy for its brutal crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Ministry renewed its call to the Arab and Islamic countries that have normalized relations with the Zionist enemy to stop normalization and respond to the demands of their people, because normalization has had counterproductive results, leading to an increase in war crimes and genocide committed by the enemy against the Palestinians. What is happening in the Gaza Strip is the best evidence of that.