Prisoners’ Authority: Zionist enemy continues to abuse female detainees in its prisons


The Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission confirmed that the Zionist enemy prisons administration continues the policy of abuse and penalties imposed on female detainees in the occupation prisons.

The Commission said in a press statement on Sunday: The intensity of this policy has doubled since the seventh of October 2023, as the detainees were completely isolated from the outside world, stripped of their most basic rights, and surrounded by hunger and deprivation of treatment, in addition to the repression they are subjected to during detention, psychological warfare and harassment during the naked search, in addition to the continuous threats against their families.

The Commission’s lawyer said, after her recent visit to Damon Prison, that the prison administration tightened the noose more on the detainees, as the room, which can accommodate five detention centers, has ten, in light of the very high temperatures, and the withdrawal of fans, and the guards deliberately close the small window opening at the doors of the sections, in order to prevent the entry of air.

The number of Palestinian detainees in the prisons of the Zionist enemy is 78, including 71 in Damon prison, three from the Gaza Strip (Asma Shatat, Siham Abu Salem and her daughter Suzanne), two pregnant detainees (Jihad Nakhleh and Aisha Ghaidan), and seven detainees are still under investigation.

resource : Saba