Abu Hamza: A Number Of Zionist Prisoners Attempted To Commit Suicide Due To The Enemy Government’s Neglect Of Their Cause


The military spokesman for Al-Quds Brigades, Abu Hamza, announced that a number of “enemy prisoners attempted actual suicide with determination as a result of the extreme frustration they felt due to their government’s neglect of their cause, and the different treatment by the security units in Al-Quds Brigades by depriving them of some of the privileges that were provided to them prior to Nuseirat crime.” The heinous act carried out by the criminal Nazi enemy army by killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians, and continuing the policy of continuous torture of our prisoners in prisons and other arbitrary and unjust measures.”

Abu Hamza stressed that “our decision in the Jerusalem Brigades to treat the enemy’s prisoners with the same treatment as our prisoners inside the prisons will remain in effect as long as the terrorist government continues its unjust measures towards our people and our prisoners, and those who are warned havn’t been excused.”