Murtada: It Was Agreed To Include Muhammad Qahtan In The Prisoner Exchange Deal


The head of the National Committee for Prisoners, Abdul Qadir Al-Murtada, announced the agreement with the other party to include Muhammad Qahtan in the agreed-upon exchange deal during the ongoing negotiations in Sultanate of Oman regarding the prisoner file.

Al-Murtada indicated in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the agreement included the release of Muhammad Qahtan in exchange for the release of 50 army prisoners held by the other party, and if he was dead, his body would be handed over in exchange for the other party handing over 50 bodies.

Al-Murtada said, “This agreement comes out of our keenness to liberate our prisoners,” stressing Sana’a’s keenness to end this humanitarian file by releasing all prisoners according to the all-for-all rule and away from any political calculations.

He pointed out that the committee continued throughout the past stages and negotiations to demand the release of all prisoners and the necessity of resolving this file and not linking it to any other files or using it as a means of pressure.