HR condemns continued intel silence regarding crimes committed by tools of aggression coalition


The Ministry of Human Rights on Wednesday strongly criticized the ongoing international silence surrounding the atrocities committed by coalition forces against Yemeni civilians, including sniper attacks, artillery bombardments, and drone strikes.

In a statement to Saba, the Ministry condemned the international community’s failure to address the escalating aggression by coalition countries, particularly their arbitrary actions impacting Yemen’s economic and humanitarian sectors.

The Ministry highlighted the United Nations’ biased stance and its tacit approval of these measures, which exacerbate Yemen’s humanitarian crisis and punish its population.

Regarding the Central Bank of Yemen in Sana’a and the continued blockade of Sana’a Airport, the Ministry emphasized that these actions constitute clear violations of international law, amounting to war crimes affecting over 25 million civilians.

It underscored Yemen’s right to reclaim stolen economic assets, resume flights to all destinations, and fully reopen Hodeida port, stressing that these rights are guaranteed under international law.

The Ministry squarely blamed the Saudi-American aggression coalition for the catastrophic humanitarian and economic fallout resulting from these economic restrictions, asserting that they constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity over the past nine years.

It reaffirmed Yemen’s stance against linking humanitarian and economic issues with security and political matters, insisting on pursuing legal action against all parties involved in aggression, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in Yemen.

The Ministry welcomed the revolutionary leadership’s initiatives to support those affected by these violations and ensure the rightful return of humanitarian and economic benefits to all Yemenis, in accordance with both divine and human laws.

resource : Saba