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Saudi-led Coalition Admits its Losses in Yemen in Public

YemenExtra Y.A The Saudi-Led Coalition admitted the falling of an aircraft belonging to it in Yemen in Abyan province ,while the pilot lost his live.  Media loyal to the coalition announced that the leadership of the "coalition"…

What Happened in Yemen Yesterday ?

YemenExtra M.A. A series of raids were launched by the Saudi-led coalition in a great deal of provinces on Wednesday, causing heavy damage to property. In Sa'ada, a citizen was killed by a raid that the coalition launched on Beni Sayah…

Yemeni Tribes Threaten the Saudi-Led Coalition

YemenExtra Y.A The tribes of Saffan in Sana'a province ,Wednesday, announced the general public in the face of the Saudi-led coalition . They stressed in a tribal meeting their readiness to support the battlefronts in the face of…