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What does Saudi seek behind call for Arab Summits?

YemenExtra Y.A Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Sunday published King Salman’s call for emergency meetings by the Arab League and the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council in Mecca on May 30. The summit's agenda is discussing regional…

Urgent call to the UN by the Yemeni army spokesman

YemenExtra Y.A Yemen’s army spokesman Brigadier Yahia Sari said that the Yemeni army forces would be committed to a cease-fire in the western province of Hodeidah, despite of a series of violations by Saudi-led coalition’s paid…

An urgent call from Yemeni woman to all Yemenis

YemenExtra Y.A Yemeni women called on every Yemeni to avenge from the Saudi-led coalition's paid fighters in response to the crime of raping a woamn in AL-Khokhah A statement issued by a massive women's demonstration in the Yemeni…