Influential Marhah sheikh calls for resistance against Saudi occupation




Sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi has threatened Saudi forces and their militias, led by officer Rajeh Bakrit, warning he would ignite a revolution that would drive them out if they continue to insult the people and the land of Mahrah.

“We will ignite a revolution in the coming days to correct the general financial situation and confront the spread of Saudi Arabia and its affiliated militias,” al-Harzi said.

“We will work with all our fellow citizens in this honorable and free province to defeat the occupation, expel Rajeh and hold him accountable,” he added.

Al-Harzi pointed out that Saudi Arabia has headed for a new road through which it wants to use Mahrah for its own projects.

The Sheikh concluded by saying that Mahrah’s sons will confront any malicious scheme aimed at overthrowing the province.


اعلان الزكاة