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Daesh forces dwindling by the day in Syria, Iraq

YemenExtra Y.A Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s military and other international forces fighting Daesh in Syria and Iraq have cut the terrorist group’s numbers to less than 1,000 militants. “Due to the commitment of the coalition…

The Worst Day to Saudi-Led Coalition in Marib

YemenExtra Y.A In response to the Saudi-led coalition's nonstop air strikes that claimed the lives of about 15,000 people, mostly civilians , at least 40 Saudi-led coalition's paid fighters were killed and injured in separated…

Saudi-Led Coalition Suffers the Worst Day in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A The air defenses of the Yemeni joint forces shot dead an the Saudi-led coalition's aircraft in Nehm, and the rocket force launched 2M ballistic rocket on a camp of the Saudi army in Najran while the artillery fired the…