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Does the Yemeni army expel their enemy from Dhalea

YemenExtra Y.A The Yemeni army forces carried out ,Tuesday, an offensive on the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, paid fighters’ sites in Yemen’s southern province of Dhalea, a military official told YemenExtra. The army…

How does the Saudi-led coalition kill its paid fighters?

YemenExtra Y.A Over 70 dead bodies of the Saudi-led coalition, backed bythe US, paid fighters from the Western coast front have arrived at Aden city hospitals over the past 48 hours, medical sources said on Tuesday. The sources…

Can the Saw Stop the Arms Deals with Saudi Arabia?

YemenExtra Y.A BY:Yousra Abdulmalik Many arms deals are about to be halted to Saudi Arabia but not basically over of killing and wounding 60,000 Yemenis due to the Saudi-led coalition,campaign backed by the US, on Yemen since…