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A Saudi Prince’s Quest to Remake the Middle East

YemenExtra Y.A By Dexter Filkins few days after Donald Trump was inaugurated, Jared Kushner sat down to decide how to reshape the Middle East. During the campaign, Trump had promised a sweeping transformation of the region. Steve…

Reports،Saudi and UAE plans to militarize East Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A Attention has focused in the past few days on Aden in southern Yemen, where confrontations between a Saudi-backed and a UAE-backed party have raised. Questions about Riyadh-led alliance and the ability of Yemenis to…

One year in, Trump’s Middle East policy is imploding

YemenExtra Y.A Last May, over a working lunch with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, at the White House, President Trump vowed to broker the final, elusive phase of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. “It’s…