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Students in Yemen Express Outrage over the Saudi Coalition

YemenExtra M.A. Students of al-Thawra School and students of Qimah-Amtiaz School in Dhamar governorate held two separate protest vigils in the presence of a number of educational figures. Students and teachers condemned the continuing…

Flood Damage should be Taken ino Consideration :SPC

YemenExtra Y.A The Supreme Political Council aimed the head of the National Salvation Government, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, to take the damage caused by the floods in Ibb city into consideration  and to coordinate with the Governor…

Women of Ibb Protest Saudi-Led Coalition

YemenExtra M.A. Women of Ibb governorate protested to denounce the continuation of the ongoing war carried out by the US-backed Saudi coalition for two years. In the rally, which took place on Wednesday, the women of Ibb governorate …