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UK human rights report an international embarrassment

YemenExtra Y.A What heady, happy, far-off days! Before the Iraq War and the scandal of British collusion with torture; before the doomed adventure in Afghanistan and the barbarous dishonesty of George W Bush’s war on terror.…

International Law violated again and again in Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A The US-Saudi-led coalition airstrike on Monday completely destroyed a home in Marib province, an official told YemenExtra  . It damaged the home of Saleh al-Zaidi . Despite Riyadh's claims that it is bombing the positions…

US to send 250 people to Quds embassy opening

YemenExtra M.A. While it is not yet clear if Ivanka Trump, the US president’s Jewish daughter, will attend the US embassy opening in Jerusalem al-Quds, a report says that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will lead a delegation to the…