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World Watches as Yemen Descends into Total Collapse

YemenExtra Y.A Yemen is descending into total collapse, its people facing war, famine and a deadly outbreak of cholera, as the world watches, the UN aid chief said on Tuesday. Speaking to the UN Security Council, Stephen O’Brien…

Zionists turned Nablus city into a large prison

YemenExtra Y.A Since the Israeli occupiers closed all the internal and external routes of the Nablus city under the pretext of finding the killer of a rabbi, the city became a large prison. The Israel Security Agency (Shabak)…

ISIS turns former US base in Iraq into gruesome mass grave

YemenExtra Y.A Iraqi authorities have revealed that several mass graves containing the remains of at least 400 civilians executed by Daesh (ISIS) have been found at a former US military facility in the country’s Kirkuk Governorate.…