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Saudi-led coalition takes the oil, lives of Yemenis

YemenExtra Y.A The coalition of aggression and its mercenaries continue to detain nine other oil tankers with more than 39,000 tons of gasoline and 123,000 tons of diesel. The Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) on Wednesday confirmed the…

The weapon of World Food Program threatens Yemeni lives

YemenExtra Y.A The World Food Program distributed large quantities of rotten and expired flour in Rimah province. Citizens appealed to the concerned parties to put an end to such practices, accusing the WFP of disregarding their…

Who claims the lives of citizens in southern Yemen?

YemenExtra Y.A A citizen was killed by unknown gunmen on Wednesday in Yemen’s southern province of Aden, a military official told YemenExtra The gunmen opened a fire on the citizen in al-Sheikh Othman and fled, added the official . Aden…