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In Picture: Mass grave found in Aden

YemenExtra Y.A Local residents on Sunday found a mass grave in the southern city of Aden, under the control of UAE. According to media sources loyal to the coalition,  nine unknown bodies  were found wrapped in white cloth during the…

Watch .. more dead bodies found in mass graves in Taiz

YemenExtra Y.A Local sources in the province of Taiz confirmed the discovery of mass graves and bodies of a number of dead inside an al-Aokar belonging to al-Qaeda in the city. The sources pointed out that a number of villas and…

UAE digs mass graves to bury its dead paid fighters

YemenExtra Y.A The US-Saudi-led coalition  launched an offensive on Hudaydah on 12 June in the largest battle of the war that the United Nations fears risks triggering a famine in Yemen where an estimated 8.4 million people are on the…