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Saudi-led coalition jets keep roaming amid Yemeni provinces

YemenExtra Y.A The Saudi-led coalition’s jets launched ,Thursday ,six airstrikes on Hodaida and Saada provinces, an official told YemenExtra . In Hodaida province, five hit Hais distric. , while In Saada province, one hit Al-Jumhori camp…

What “Daesh” does in southern provinces of Yemen

YemenExtra Y.A "Daesh Organization" has adopted the assassination of a security man working at Aden International Airport in southern Yemen. The organization posted on its website a picture of the operation that showed the moment of…

Southern provinces the scenes of daily assassinations

YemenExtra Y.A According to a local media , unknown gunmen assassinated a young man in Enmaa area of al-Mansoura directorate, Aden province on Friday. A media close to the aggression stated that masked gunmen riding on a motorcycle…