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US approves $6 billion in arms sales to kill more Yemenis

YemenExtra Y.A The US State Department approved weapons sales to Bahrain and the UAE worth almost $6 billion amid growing concerns over Washington's arms flow to kill Yemenis. The Pentagon said on Friday that it had notified…

Washington Wouldn’t Stop Arms Sales to Riyadh :US President

YemenExtra Y.A US President Donald Trump said that Washington would be “punishing itself” if it stopped weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. He defended a $110 billion arms deal he announced with Riyadh last year, insisting that the deal…

Legal battle to prove UK-Saudi Arabia arms sales unlawful

YemenExtra Y.A Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) is at the Court of Appeal today to review the export of British weapons systems to Saudi Arabia for use in the ongoing war in Yemen. The judicial review is being brought against Liam Fox,…