Battlefronts between the jaws of Yemeni joint forces, Saudi-led coalition



In response to the Saudi-led coalition’s fatal air strikes that claimed the lives of about 14,000 people,mostly civilians , the artillery and missile forces of the Yemeni joint forces  targeted Saudi army and paid fighters with successful operations over the past 24 hours, according to a  military official on Saturday.

The missile force of the army fired a Salvo of Katyusha missiles on Saudi soldiers in Lamkhil camp in Jizan region. While the artillery targeted another gatherings in Hamidha village in the same region.

Addationally,  the artillery shelling aimed at Saudi soldiers and paid fighters’ gatherings in Rakabat Sahwa site, Sabahtal mountain and destroyed a Saudi military vehicle beyond Rakabat al-Zoor site in Asir region.

They carried out a successful operation targeting their enemy’s  sites in al-Alam hill at Qaifa area in AL-Baida province.

Scores of the paid fighters were killed and injured in artillery shelling by the Yemeni joint forces  on their locations in Khab Wa-Shaf district in AL-Jawf province.