The intl. team of experts accuses Saudi-led coalition of civilian deaths in Yemen



The International Panel of Experts has accused the Saudi-led coalition of killing thousands of civilians despite American attempts to obliterate the reality of the atrocities committed by the coalition.

The Commission of Experts, according to the report, stated that the Saudi-led coalition carried out 10 air strikes and confirmed that it had killed 157 people with precision guided missiles. This led the experts to exclude that this alliance has complied with the principles of proportionality in accordance with international law and taking precautionary measures necessary to protect civilians.

In contrast to the alleged protections of Saudi Arabia’s alleged legitimacy to justify its war against Yemen, the UN report presented to the Security Council on Tuesday strongly criticized the Saudi and Emirati role in supporting armed groups and undermining the alleged legitimacy, stressing that Hadi no longer has control of the military forces in the south of the country. The UAE, along with the so-called security belt forces, the Shaban elite and other formations equipped by the UAE, gives it an opportunity to deny facts.

Regarding the violations of the UAE in the south of the country, the report mentioned systematic arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances in the UAE camps, revealing that the use of beatings, electric shocks and imprisonment with a cage under the sun and the prevention of treatment procedures take place in the UAE prisons.

In contrast to the US-Saudi desire, the report was disappointing on allegations of Iran’s violation of the arms embargo on Yemen. The team did not reach a final conclusion to confirm the allegations, saying that the remains of the missile and a drone were identical but not manufactured in Iran, which they also accused of failing to take the necessary measures to prevent the supply or transfer of short-range missiles.

Indicating a major development in the Yemeni Defense Forces, the experts said that, “the rocket attack on Riyadh airport has turned the tables and could turn a local dispute into a broader regional conflict.”

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