At Least Seven Women and Two Children Killed or Wounded in a Fresh Saudi Crime




Seven women and two children were either killed or wounded Monday in a series of raids conducted by the Saudi-led coalition targeting the Yemeni capital Sana’a.

Nearly two women lost their lives while five others and two children sustained injuries after 7 raids hit the mountain of Massar in Manakha district in Sana’a Province.

In a similar context, a child was wounded by a raid waged by the US-backed coalition on a farm in Saffan district in Sana’a.

Earlier, the Saudi-led coalition destroyed the communications network at mount Massar based in Manakha district.

The warplanes of the Saudi-led coaliton also waged an air raid on Ramadah village in Nehm district, Sana’a Province, five airstrikes on Alaf area in Sahar district and Al-Sama mountain, in addition to four more airstrikes on the Central Security Camp in Saada Province, and four raids on the areas of Al-Sharija and Hamala in Lahj Province.