A Pakistani Voice for the Yemeni Crisis: Sajid Khan




Sajid Khan is a Pakistani citizen and an activist for the Yemeni issue. He wanted to draw attention to the “forgotten war” by writing an article explaining the crisis in the impoverished country. Khan will be YemenExtra’s journalist for today: 

Today when Yemenis are dying because of disease, starvation, bombs and drones, they have zero coverage on international media. We can’t complain or expect any support from main stream media because they always support the rich,so they pay them money to shut their greedy mouth.

The Western coalition is getting benefits from this expensive war, selling worth $billions of weapons to Saudi alliance, so obviously European Governments doesn’t care about the Middle East or peace. But why are European people also silent on this issue? Why are they not showing interest about the deaths in Yemen? Are they supporting Saudi alliance,who is the biggest sponsor of Wahhabi terrorism? No they don’t but it’s our weakness that we failed to bring their attention to Yemen. Yesterday, I discussed this issue with a good friend of mine, who lives in Greece and is one of the biggest supporters of Syria against Wahhabi terrorism and their sponsors. I asked why European people don’t raise their voice on the Yemeni issue while many are activists for Palestine, Syria and Iraq. She made some good points. ”The problem is we do not know anything about the NOW of Yemen ,”we” as in most here in West, we do not know and STILL no one tells us.

Humanity is dying but no one cares, Saudi Arabia wants a puppet leader and the West wants to sell weapons worth billions. So when everyone is silent, it is our duty to rise our voice, doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Jewish because no CNN, BBC, Reuters, Fox anchor will care about Yemeni children dying.

They tell us about the dying, about the killing, the murders, the hunger and drones, about bombings but NOT why and between who? Who are Houthis, why are they under attack? what are they fighting for, why are they NOT terrorist, as OUR news tell us. We have no clue because no one tells us. You can go to all Facebook pages now, or twitter and those sites, so many, try and find “independent news” nowadays and still you cannot find who is fighting who, why, and why it is “wrong”. Therefore, if I was an average European or American, and I see “our ally” Saudi Arabia fighting with the USA and Saudi-led coalition and they call it “fighting against terrorists” … so it “must be legit” … end of story .

After reading her views, how can we blame Americans, Europeans and their allies, they do not know because no one tells them… So I decided to write an article to tell the world why Yemen MATTERS!

First of all, Western and Arab media false propaganda cover three major points:

1. This is an Iran/Saudi Arabia proxy war and Iran is helping them.

2. Houthis are Zaidi Shia, so this is Shia/Sunni war.

3. Abdu Rau Mansour Hadi was a legitimate president.

Yemen war is not sectarian, it has NOTHING to do with religion! This is not the first war on Yemen imposed by Al Saud but the seventh. So if this is a Saudi Arabia/Iran war, then why did Saudi Arabia attack Yemen on 1934, when the King of Iran was a good friend of Al Saud? Yemen is under full siege by the Saudi-led alliance and America, since the war started, so how can Iran supply them with weapons? If this is Shia/Sunni war, then why does Saudi Arabia had full support for Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is also a Zaidi Shia.

For 30 years, when he was seriously injured during protests, it was in Saudi Arabia where he got treatment. So where is the problem? Truth is, Saudi Arabia want a puppet, who will allow Yemen to be a Saudi colony and they will kill hundreds of thousands of Yemenis to fulfill this devilish wish. Most people believe Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi was an elected and legitimate president. No he wasn’t. When the Arab Spring started in most countries, it also reached Yemen because Ali Abdullah Saleh was ruling the country for more than 3 decades. After strong protests started against him ,he agreed to step down and appoint his vice president as a care-taker president, Hadi, for the next two years, who was bound to arrange a free and fair election during his term brokered by GCC.

Yemenis then protested in the capital after Hadi decided to demand higher taxation for petroleum. Eventually, they fought against Hadi forces ad besieged him. The weak and cowardly president ran away to the southern province of Aden and made the city a capital but soon he realized, he did not have any public support in Aden either, so he ran away to Saudi Arabia. GCC,who was the broker on the deal.

It was their duty to force Hadi to announce an election date or resign but they betrayed Yemenis and supported the coward Hadi and imposed war on Yemen with lame excuses. After two years of war, Saudi Arabia realize now that they can’t reach their goals and what they are trying to achieve, but their ego doesn’t allow them to start a dialogue with Yemeni political parties. Yemen’s chaos solution is very simple and that is a free and a fair election but Saudi Arabia will never accept this because they know their puppet doesn’t have public support, so he will never win the election. So question is,if he doesn’t have any public support then who are fighting against Housthis and Saleh soldiers? If you do some research, you will find that Saudi Arabia hired Somali mercenaries, Sudanese, Cambodian, Black Water & even Al-Qaida is fighting on Saudi’s side against Yemenis. Many Wahhabi terrorists moved to Yemen via Turkey through Aden airport in last two years and now Pakistan sent 5000 soldiers on the Yemeni/Saudi border.

Since the war started, every now and then, hundreds of thousands people gather in the capital Sana’a to show their solidarity with patriotic soldiers but never heard that even few hundreds gather in Sana’a or Aden to support Hadi.

Humanity is dying but no one cares, Saudi Arabia wants a puppet leader and the West wants to sell weapons worth billions. So when everyone is silent, it is our duty to rise our voice, doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Christian, Hindu or Jewish because no CNN, BBC, Reuters, Fox anchor will care about Yemeni children dying. Ivanka will never care. Trump will never attack Saudi Arabia for their murder of Yemenis. UK will never impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia. UN will never condemn Saudi Arabia for the innocent lives lost in Yemen as they are allies and their pockets are full of Petro-Dollars.

UNICEF: Saudi War Kills Six Yemeni Children a Day

If today Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Libyans, Nigerians, Bahrainis and Afghans are the victims of Wahhabi barbarism, tomorrow it could be you or your loved ones. Stand against Wahhabi terrorism before it’s too late.