What Is Happening in Burma Is Encouraged by America, Armed by Israel: Sayyed Houthi




The leader of the Yemeni revolution of Ansarullah, Abdulmalik Badruddin al-Houthi, said that the crimes and genocide against the Muslims in Burma are encouraged by the U.S. and armed by Israel, stressing that the US refuses to hold the Burma regime responsible. 

In a speech on Saturday marking the anniversary of Al Ghadeer’s day, Sayyed Houthi asked: “Where are the organizations who claim to be representing Islam from the oppression taking place against the Muslims of Burma, where are the Saudi as well as the UAE regimes from what is happening?!”

Mr. Abdul-Malik also said that the U.S. is intervening today in the details of the world’s affairs, and is the one formulating the world’s program so that its interests are paramount.


Freed From Wahabism, Several Yemeni Provinces Celebrate Eid Al-Ghadeer

Regarding the internal affairs, Mr. Abdulmalik Badruddin Al-Houthi said: “I assure our Yemeni people that our internal unity and cohesion are highly targeted at this particular time. There is an intense effort to strike our unity in order to facilitate for enemies their occupation of the country.”

Moreover, Sayyed Houthi stated that Yemeni people celebrate with many the blessed day of Eid Al-Ghadeer, which is a great occasion that has great significance in Islam.

This day, which is known as Ghadeer Day, is the day of the “Al-Wilayah”, where the prophet Mohamed PBUH announced Imam Ali as his successor (peace be upon them).


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