Thousands of convoys in support of the Yemeni joint army head to battlefields against Saudi forces




Masses of convoys have headed this early morning to take part in the commemoration of the third anniversary of the September 21 revolution, also known as the Ansarullah revolution, and back up the battlefields against Saudi forces and their allies. 

Various people from different provinces were able to show their largest presence in 70 street in Sana’a. The participants emphasized that from here, they can strengthen the front lines by human force and financial convoys and all this was to meet the appeal of Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi.

In addition to the great success of the popular presence, it was worth mentioning the role played by security and how it was a big success that exceeded all expectations. Moreover, facilitating traffic was highly appreciated by the citizens who came from the other provinces to Sana’a today in thousands.

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