At Least 60 Killed and Wounded as the Aftermath of a Fresh Saudi Massacre (Graphic)




The Saudi-led coalition waged on Tuesday not one or three, but a total of 18 airstrikes against two civilian homes based in Yemen’s Hajjah Governorate.

The heinous attack killed and wounded about 60 innocent Yemeni civilians, local source reported to YemenExtra.

The two demolished homes are owned by Hamdi Al-Jamaei and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Khumaisi based in Haran region in Hajjah, source added.

It does not end here as the Saudi fighter jets continued hovering over the crime scene for 5 hours straight, whereas it targeted one of the paramedical crews and added an extra 10 paramedics to the death toll.

Moreover, a cameraman and a reporter working for Yemeni Almasirah channel were also injured after the coalition struck their car as they were attempting to cover the massacre.

The Ministry of Health spokesman stated the outcome is yet not final, and would likely increase in number of deaths due to some critical injuries sustained by victims.

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